How To Cook 3-2-1 Spareribs Step by Step

The Recipe For Making 3-2-1 Spareribs.

3-2-1 Spareribs You can make 3-2-1 Spareribs using 6 ingredients in 10 quick steps. The following is an easy way to make it.

Ingredients Required To Make 3-2-1 Spareribs

  1. Add of Slab of spareribs.
  2. Mix of Your favorite bbq rub.
  3. Fill of Your favorite bbq sauce.
  4. Add of Mustard.
  5. Add 3 tbsp of salted butter per slab of ribs.
  6. Insert of Butcher's paper.

Step By Step To Make 3-2-1 Spareribs

  1. Get your smoker fired up to 275° I used a lump charcoal and maplewood combo..
  2. While the smoker is heating up prep the ribs. Pull the membrane off the backside and trim any excess fat. Also take a second to run your hands over the ribs to check for any little bone chips that may be leftover from processing at the butcher..
  3. Lightly coat the ribs with a layer of mustard. Any mustard can be used, it's all your preference. You don't get much and some say no flavor from it. I think you can get a subtle flavor so I used Bertman original ballpark mustard rather than just a yellow mustard. Then evenly coat the ribs with a layer of bbq rub. I used Hey Grill Hey sweet rub..
  4. Let the ribs rest on the counter until the smoker is up to temp..
  5. Once up to temp put the ribs on and let them go for 3 hours..
  6. After 3 hours are up they will have a beautiful bark and be ready to wrap in butcher's paper..
  7. In the wrap I only put in 3 tbsp of salted butter evenly spaced across the meat side of the ribs. Wrap the butcher's paper around them and place back on the smoker meat side down and cook for 2 hours..
  8. After the 2 hours unwrap, place back on the smoker and sauce. I used Hey Grill Hey apple jalapeno sauce. A quick tip, if you have a metal pizza peel they work great for moving meat on and off the smoker..
  9. After the last hour you will see the meat pulling back on the bones and if you grab one end and start to pick them up the rack will bend and the meat start to tear..
  10. Let them rest about 20 minutes or so then cut and eat!.

That's how to make 3-2-1 Spareribs Recipe.


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